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The holiday season is here! Things are starting to get really busy, but thankfully we have a season built in to slow us down and give us time to be thankful.

One part of this fall season I am particularly grateful for is the fall foliage. I know it isn’t as pronounced here in Coastal Carolina, but it’s still nice. I even enjoy when the foliage falls. From crunching through leaves as I walk the kids to school to gathering those leaves into jumping piles- I love it all. It wouldn’t be as much fun to crunch through just one leaf, or to jump into a single leaf. When the leaves stick together it is just more fun!

Our club theme for the year is “Let’s Stick Together”. Just like cacti are more magnificent when they stick together- fall leaves are way more fun when they are bunched together. Let’s make this holiday season fun and let’s stick together like fall leaves. Let’s go to the events offered and invite our friends to go with us. This is a season to be thankful for our “framily” and to spend time together. BUT, it will be much more fun if we stick together.


OSC Volunteers - Help us out by tracking your volunteer hours!

This year we will be tracking our hours using the Track It Forward application. To track hours:

Go to

Click on "Find your organization"

Type "Camp Lejeune OSC" into the search box

When Camp Lejeune OSC appears, click on it.

Click "Sign Up" at the bottom of screen. (OSC volunteer coordinator will approve member requests to join our group)

Once the account is set up, members can log all hours.

Members can choose the type of volunteer hours from the "organization" drop menu. If members do not see their volunteer opportunity, they can select the last option which encompasses everything that is not listed in the drop down menu. 

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