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Fall is just around the corner! How did this happen so fast? This time of year, I think of my favorite movie- “You’ve Got Mail”. I feel like Joe Fox when he told Kathleen Kelly he would send her a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if he knew her name and address. I would totally do the same to y’all! I walked into Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, and they had all their Fall stuff out! It smelled heavenly. So basically, if you want to feel like Fall in this summer heat you just need to grab a latte and the aisles of Hobby Lobby. You don’t need to tell me twice!

I am also excited because Fall means we are starting our OSC 2019-2020 year! I am honored to be your President this year. I must say, I feel incredibly inadequate to be serving you in this position. I am not a very experienced military spouse. In fact, I am a Navy spouse serving the OSC on a Marine Corp Base! I am due with our third child in a few weeks. The only thing I have going for me is that I love people and I love the mission of this club. I pray daily for guidance as I lead this group of spouses. Thank you for trusting me, and, thank you for the help and encouragement I have received already for so many of you! 

The theme for this year is “Let’s Stick Together.” Think of a cactus. It can teach us a lot about survival and resilience. As military spouses, we have learned how to survive when times are hard. We have learned to be resilient and bounce back no matter what conditions may hit us. We have tough skin. We know that when we enter a season that feels like a drought that if we just hold on the rain will come. We all have different sharp points, and if we accentuate those, just imagine how we can help each other grow! When a piece of a cactus stands alone it isn’t too impressive, but when the smaller pieces stick to one another they can form a magnificent tree. I challenge us as a club to build on each other. Let’s do our best to get out of our cozy spots and meet new people. If we all do that then no one will feel awkward talking to people they don’t know because everyone else is doing it!  Let’s try to make this year a year where we rise higher by lifting others up. Let’s each embrace the season we are in. And by all means, let’s get through it together. 

Happy Fall Y’all!

Get your pictures taken with Santa on Onslow Beach!

Are you looking for professional pictures with a traditional Santa in a unique setting?

Marcella Treybig Photography will be holding Beach Pictures with Santa sessions for $25! She will take one picture of your family with Santa and then send you a digital print via email.

Please sign up here. Once you have signed up, an invoice from the OSC will be sent to the email provided.

There will be no refunds for missed time slots or no shows. In the event of rain, we will do our best to provide an alternate location, but there will be no make-up dates. A refund will be given if the sessions are cancelled due to severe weather.


OSC Volunteers - Help us out by tracking your volunteer hours!

This year we will be tracking our hours using the Track It Forward application. To track hours:

Go to

Click on "Find your organization"

Type "Camp Lejeune OSC" into the search box

When Camp Lejeune OSC appears, click on it.

Click "Sign Up" at the bottom of screen. (OSC volunteer coordinator will approve member requests to join our group)

Once the account is set up, members can log all hours.

Members can choose the type of volunteer hours from the "organization" drop menu. If members do not see their volunteer opportunity, they can select the last option which encompasses everything that is not listed in the drop down menu. 

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