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  • 14 Oct 2016 10:18 AM | Susan Reid

    We are so excited for our annual Hidden Talents Fall Craft Fair! Of course, we need OSC volunteers to make this event fun and successful. Why not carve out a few hours of your weekend to volunteer to help...and while you're there, pick up some super fun goodies? We need volunteers on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We're grateful for any time that you can give. Sign up here.

  • 13 Oct 2016 7:04 AM | Susan Reid

    Volunteer Opportunities! Consider joining the Ways and Means Committee -…/4090e4ea5a92faaf94-volunteers3
    Scholarship Committee -…/4090e4ea5a92faaf94-volunteers4

  • 13 Oct 2016 7:02 AM | Susan Reid

    Please join our sister club as they kick off their year!

  • 06 Oct 2016 7:15 PM | Susan Reid

    Volunteers to work at the BAKE SALE table at the Hidden Talents Fall Craft Fair

    Hello OSC friends,

    We are looking forward to the Hidden Talents Fall Craft Fair in a few short weeks! We need volunteers to man the Bake Sale Table for BOTH days of the event. Please consider volunteering for a two hour slot. Sign up here!

    Thanks so much for your time!

    Marston Pavilion aboard Camp Lejeune October 29 and 30

  • 05 Oct 2016 5:10 PM | Susan Reid

    Hello Camp Lejeune OSC Members!!

    This year the OSC is creating a cookbook that will be ready for Christmas gift giving - it is up on the webpage for pre-ordering! We are asking all OSC members to contribute your favorite recipes.

    We are working with an online cookbook publishing company so this is super easy and fun to do. If you would like to add your recipe to the cookbook here is the info:

    Web address:

    Username: CLOSC2016

    Password: thyme877

    We are super excited because this year is the 10th anniversary of the last Camp Lejeune OSC cookbook! I can't wait to see all of your awesome recipes. If you have any questions please contact

  • 04 Oct 2016 6:59 AM | Susan Reid

    Volunteers to provide baked goods, treats, & drinks for the Hidden Talents Fall Craft Fair at Marston Pavilion

    Calling all bakers!

    We need volunteers to provide goodies for our Bake Sale at the Hidden Talents Fall Craft Fair. Please consider helping us out. Happy Baking (or visiting the bakery department). Sign up here.

    Thanks so much for supporting the OSC!

    Date: 10/29/2016 (Sat.) Time: 7:00am - 9:00am EDT Location: Marston Pavilion aboard Camp Lejeune
  • 30 Sep 2016 8:17 AM | Susan Reid

    It’s gonna be a flocking good time!

    Camp Lejeune Officer Spouses’ Club


    wanna keep the flock away?

    BUY flock protection NOW

    with a minimum donation of $25

  • 22 Sep 2016 5:58 PM | Susan Reid

    We are super excited about next week's Hawaiian Bunco Luncheon! Our Community Outreach Committee needs volunteers to load all of the donations for the Onslow Women's Center into vehicles. It should not take longer than 15 minutes. Please sign up if you can help us out.

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